Converse – To engage in a spoken exchange of thoughts, ideas, or feelings; talk.







iConverse has been discontinued, it is no longer available on the App Store.
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Design Assitance By Ian Walden

Ian Walden holds a Master's Degree in Special Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. He has been working in the special needs community for over 8 years. He currently works in a community based teaching program in a public high school where his students are constantly interacting with the general population. As a teacher, Ian saw there was a need for his students to have a communication device that would be very basic, affordable, and easily transported. With this type of device, his students would be able to interact in community settings such as malls, grocery stores, hospitals, etc., with very little outside assistance.

Developed by Xcellent Creations

Xcellent Creations, Inc. provides a variety of digital solutions including software development and video production.